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22 October 1973
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I'm a granola eating, nature-hike taking, canvas-market bag using, metal and rap music listening, Birkenstock wearing, fuel efficient car driving, non-religion having, science loving, reality tv watching hard-core conservative Republican.

Things you may find interesting about me:

* I was a cheerleader

* I attended and graduated from The University of Alabama in 2000. Majored in Communications and minored in Creative writing.

* I carried the Olympic Torch in the 1996 Olympic games in Atlanta

* I once sat on Rodney Dangerfield's lap, wrapped my arms around him and called him 'daddy' (my mother went on a date with him)

* I peed 'on' Mount Olympus and Zeus is STILL angry with me!

* I had my own T.V. talk show in college

* I broke Maurice Gibb's Grammy (he's one of the Bee Gee's, I was at his house and yes, I broke it....sorry!)

* I stopped drawing and writing in 1999 and did not resume either until February of 2008

* I read Deathly Hallows in one sitting...well I was lying down

* I have all of my wisdom teeth-which probably is not a wise thing...

* I'm LEFT handed yet on the computer I draw RIGHT handed because I use the mouse right handed (I just recently got a drawing tablet, which I use my left hand for)

I live in Ohio, that should say it all. But I'm from Miami, Fl and lived in Tuscaloosa/Birmingham Al, Austin, TX, Nashville TN and Cincinnati. I have two dogs, a Mini Schnauzer and a Bichon. Both are brats. I have one husband, not a brat most of the time.

I'm a horrible artist but I like drawing and my drawings are found in my scrapbook. I draw in Adobe Photoshop.